LUMI Sleep Mask simulates sunlight to wake you up

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If you always have problems to get good quality sleep, then you’ll have to depend on some sleep-inducing gadgets to get some good sleeps. The LUMI Sleep Mask was first just a concept submitted to Kickstarter and now it’s been materialized which you can buy for $74 each.

The specialty of this LUMI Sleep Mask is it lets you sleep in a complete darkness and wake up in gentle sunlight, which is how our bodies are designed to respond to.

The mask is to be worn by the user when sleeping which blocks out light and lets the user sleep with ease. The mask is able to simulate sunlight to wake you up naturally. So, every morning you’ll get a gentle simulated sunrise lighting effect embedded in the mask instead of the overly noisy alarm clock sounds.

The user can simply set the time that he or she wants to wake up at and the mask will gradually brighten when the scheduled time approaches.

The Lumi Mask is now available on for $74 each. The video clip below explains how it can be useful for you.

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