I’m Watch – a Bluetooth Android watch that connects to your smartphone

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There are a number of Bluetooth watches out there, which simply present the idea of that you can use a Bluetooth watch to keep you aware of incoming messages and phone calls, without having to take the smartphone out of your pocket or handbag.

Here is another Bluetooth watch called the I’m Watch which has been designed to run Android 1.6 as its OS. And it’s able to run some tiny versions of Android apps. The watch is equipped with a 1.54-inch screen and it lets you connect to an existing smartphone via Bluetooth.

The I’m Watch allows you to make and answer calls on its small screen while keeping your phone in your pocket or handbag. You can also get text message notifications and previews on the watch display.

The device is based on a Freescale IMX233 CPU, alongside with 64MB RAM and 4GB of flash storage for storing your files. The image attached below show its specs at a glance (click to view a clearer version).

The device is a product of an Italian company, Blue Sky. A basic version costs only $350 USD or $250 Euros. The company also plans to roll out luxurious versions including those studded with jewels, diamonds which can cost as much as $15K Euros. It’ll be available in the end of November 2011 and in a number of colors including white, pink, yellow, light blue, green, red and black.

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