Hand iPhone 4 case will lend a hand when you need it

Some iPhone 4 cases are meant to be weird. As shown here is the Hand iPhone 4 case which definitely belongs to the weird category. At the back of this Hand iPhone case, there is a plastic hand attached to it.

The plastic hand will be useful to ensure a firmer grip of your iPhone while having overly exciting phone conversation on your device. The product page claims that the plastic hand is actually modeled after the manufacturer’s COO’s wife.

The plastic hand of this iPhone 4 case could also be useful for having it to grip on your LCD monitor, or other objects on your desk, while you do not have much space for your iPhone. It also doubles up as a holder for some small items on your desk including your pen, glasses etc.

The Hand iPhone 4 case is available on StrapyaWorld for a pretty pricey price tag of $64 USD.

via geeky-gadgets

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