TokyoFlash Hexagon LED watch mimics a bee nest that requires compound eyes to read its time

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If none of the TokyoFlash watches that you’ve seen poses challenging enough difficulty for reading time, we have one here that will definitely give you some hard time for reading time from its display. Known as the TokyoFlash Hexagon LED watch, it mimics a bee nest that will take you sometime to interpret what the bee nest structure-like LEDs are trying to show.

The Hexagon watch shows you two groups of different colored LED hexagons. To tell time, you have to figure out the mystery behind the hexagons and colors. As shown here are a few images that show how the hexagons represent numbers on the watch face. The watch also features 5 different difficulty settings that’s best for you who love challenges.

Apparently, it’s best for the big fans of “Sci fi” outfits. The users will definitely need a number of practices if hoping to use the Hexagon watch as the only timepiece to tell time. Anyway, the Hexagon watch is currently just a conceptual design of TokyoFlash.

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4 thoughts on “TokyoFlash Hexagon LED watch mimics a bee nest that requires compound eyes to read its time

  1. This is another marvel that might keep one going round and round for quite some time before getting the hang of it. I love this. Might come in handy when playing pranks on your friends.

  2. Thank you both, Rajesh and Chris. Rajesh, I would be happy if Tokyoflash takes this design. Chris, I hope you’re right. Yeah, telling others the time with this watch is a good communication starter.

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