Zero1 VooMote One iPhone universal remote announced

Total Shares 0 has announced the availability of its VooMote One, a sleek accessory that easily slides onto your iPhone or iPod Touch and turns it into a universal remote control. The VooMoteOne pairs with an iOS app to let your iPhone or iPod Touch work as a universal remote control for your home entertainment system including TVs, DVD players, stereo systems, consumer electronics and more.

The VooMoteOne for iPhone also offers additional features, such as “One View” and “Room Control” which are not found on other universal remotes. The One View allows you to create your own personalized and multiple remote control layouts. Such as you can combine several commands into just a single click, allowng a press of a button to turn on your TV, DVD Player, and your surround sound speakers at the same time.

The Room Control is a feature that lets you further organize your electronic devices, which allows you to group those electronic devices by location such as kitchen, bedroom etc.

The VooMote One also features the Teach In, which lets it learn some of your electronic devices by simply pointing the VooMote One at your original remote control.

Currently, the VooMoteOne is able to capture more than 30,000 infrared codes and thousands of electronic devices, including 574 TV brands, 995 Top Box/DVR brands, and 151 audio and CD brands. The VooMoteOne iOS app is able to keep its own IR codes up to date via iTunes automatically.

The VooMote One will be available on Zero1.TV or on August 5 for a price of $99 each. While the app is downloadable from iTunes for free.

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