TechChee Review : Stellar Phoenix recovers your precious photos, music and videos on your Mac

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There are many situations that you may have accidentally deleted some precious photos or video clips of yourself or your loved ones. Such as you’re too quick to pull a memory card out without properly turning off a digital camera, which then causes the corruption of some photos or video clips on the memory card. Or you’ve accidentally formatted a memory card, a USB flash drive or deleted some precious photos on your MacBook’s hard drive or a USB drive etc.

If you’re a Mac user, we’d like to introduce an easy-to-use photo recovery tool called the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, which allows you to recover any accidentally deleted photos, and even music files and video clips on a memory card, a USB flash drive, a USB HDD, an iPod or the internal HDD of your Mac computers.

The Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is priced at $39 and available for purchase from And I’ve been given an opportunity to test this great recovery tool on my MacBook Pro.

When it’s been installed on my MacBook Pro, I’ve used the Stellar Phoenix to successfully recover photos and videos on a few of my memory cards, USB drives and my MacBook Pro’s hard drive.

What I like about the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, it’s able to scan out those previously deleted photos on a memory card, a USB drive or a Mac computer’s hard drive.

Such as I simply plugged in a memory card that had never been used on my MacBook Pro and ran a scan using the Stellar Phoenix. The scan managed to show me many photos, music files and videos that had been deleted from the memory card ages go. They’re grouped nicely according to their types such as JPEG, PNG, GIF for photos, WAV for music and 3GP for videos etc (As shown in the attached screen above).

Recovery of any photos, video clips or music files from the scan results, you just have to simply check the checkbox of each file and click the recover button to recover those files into your selected folder.

The little downside is the scan process takes pretty long to finish. But you have an option to stop in the middle of scanning and perform the recovery of any selected files from the scan result. And the Stellar Phoenix will prompt you for saving your scan info so you can resume the recovery (but not the scanning process) while you’re trying to click away such as getting back to home or clicking the “back” button.

The screenshot above shows you that you can resume any recovery that’s been saved to your Mac computer’s hard drive.

A more stringent test – Recover photos from a Windows-formatted USB flash drive

I’ve even performed a more stringent test of the Stella Phoenix recovery tool by having purposely formatted a USB flash drive on a Windows XP Pro PC. To my surprise, using the Stella Phoenix Photo Recovery tool on my MacBook Pro, I managed to get a scan result that contains a list of photos that were previously stored on the USB flash drive before it was formated on the Windows PC. And I managed to recover all of them.

Create an Image of any attached storage media

The last feature of the Stella Phoenix is also very useful. It allows you to create an image of any attached storage media.

And in the case of any of your storage media is physically damaged, you can recover the photos, music files and videos from its previously created image.

The screenshots above show how I could load a previously created image by clicking “load image” to perform a scan and recover photos, videos or music files from the image rather than the physical storage media.

Up to now, I’d just like to conclude that the Stellar Phoenix is definitely a worth recovery tool to have on your Mac computer. As you can perform any recovery of your memorable photos, music files or video clips on your own. It costs only $39 USD and can be purchased from It supports various formats of photos, music files and video. Check out the product page for more details.

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