TokyoFlash Right Angle LED watch with built-in USB memory

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Some TokyoFlash watches need to be slightly different instead of just being confusing to their users. What’s shown here is a new LED watch design from TokyoFlash called the Right Angle LED watch. What makes this watch different from other TokyoFlash watches is it has a USB port at the left side.

Of course, the USB port is useful for transferring files from your computer to the watch. It also comes included with a USB cable that allows you to carry out any file transfer out of the box. Currently, the watch is not official yet. It’s just a conceptual design.

The USB port comes in handy, allows the watch to be used as a USB memory storing some of your important documents. If you’re a watch wearer, using a watch instead of a USB stick to store your files, will never let you leave some important files behind as the watch is always strapped on your wrist while you’re on the run.

As the name implies, the watch needs to be viewed at an angle to read its time more clearly. While looking at the watch face from the top, all you see are just a bunch of lines that look pretty confusing. So, when the watch face is held at angle, you’ll be able to read the time clearly.

The watch is also equipped with an LED backlight, allowing you to read it in the dark. The current design shows the watch in black with a green backlight. It could also come in different designs with different backlight colors. The design is now up for vote on TokyoFlash website. So, vote for it, if you want the design to become true. A clip is included below showing how the watch can be read easily while the watch is held at an angle.

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