gScreen outs a 17.3-inch dual-screen SpaceBook laptop

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gScreen SpaceBook is not new. The company did show us a dual-screen 15-inch SpaceBook a few years go. But their dual-screen laptop seemed more like a joke rather than a practical device for you and me.

Now, the company has something larger, a dual-screen SpaceBook laptop that packs two 17.3-inch screens. If you’re someone that needs more than one screen to complete your daily tasks, this laptop is definitely handy.

The dual-screen SpaceBook is powered by a quad-core Intel Core i7-740M processor. It has 8GB of RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250M video card.

The major downside of this dual-screen laptop is it lacks of portability. Look at how much it weighs – at 10 pounds (or 4.5kg), which is definitely not something that’s lightweight enough or suitable for bringing along on the go.

You may argue why you need such a huge laptop? Isn’t it you could simply use a desktop computer and connect it to multiple LCD monitors, if you just need multiple screens for your work?

It does have its usefulness – since it comes in a laptop design instead of a desktop, it’s definitely easier to be moved around in your work space, such as moving it from your cubicle to the meeting room for carrying out the presentation of your work.

The SpaceBook can also have the two screens folded up together to become a single screen computer. Price wise? It’s not cheap at all, priced at $2,800, a price that’s hardly justified. There is also a lower-end version that packs an Intel Core i5 and 4GB of RAM which costs slightly cheaper, around $2,400. If you want one, you can pre-order it on gScreen store.

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