More fun with RageCage – it relieves your rage with Facebook games – Robot Zombie Apocalypse and Aliens

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RageCage, the little USB gadget that’s specially made for you to smash to release your rage, so you won’t hurt other valuable gadgets now brings you more fun with two new Facebook smashing games.

Known as the Robot Zombie Apocalypse and Aliens, the two new Facebook games can be played by using your RageCage as a smashing game controller.

The first game, Robot Zombie Apocalypse, is an online game, presents you a post-apocalyptic world overrun by Robot Zombies, which are actually all your Facebook friends that get zombie-fied and enslaved inside robots. You need to pilot a helicopter and blast the Robot Zombies with cannons by simply smashing the RageCage that’s hooked up to the USB port of your computer.

The harder you smash the RageCage, the higher the destruction power of the cannon. You can even fire Mega Rages which instantly zap all enemies in the field. The game definitely sounds fun, and it’s effective to release your rage, by simply smashing harder to fire larger shots of cannons to destroy those you hate most. If your bosses are your Facebook friends, you can even zombie-fy them and blast them with the biggest cannons possible to release your frustration.

The second game, Aliens, is available as a free, downloadable PC game on As shown is what the Aliens lets you fight the Zuckerberg mothership which launches deadly Facebook dislike buttons. Just smash the RageCage to fight the Zuckerberg ship. There are also other popular characters including Steve Jobs.

Winner of our RageCage giveaway

The RageCage was also offered as a giveaway here at TechChee and we’d like to take this opportunity to announce the winner of the RageCage.

The random number generator has chosen number 2, Monica as the winner of the RageCage. Congrats, Monica, for winning such a fun gadget so you can have fun while releasing your rage, especially with the two newly announced Facebook games. An email has been sent to you for obtaining your details for sending you the prize. Prize will be arranged when we have your details.

For those who did not win, the RageCage can be purchased from for $20 each. It’s available in 9 different color designs to match any rage type.

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