Check this out : how G-Form Extreme Portfolio case keeps an iPad 2 intact after a 60-foot drop

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G-Form has rolled out a portfolio style of its super rugged cases, called the G-Form Extreme Portfolio. This case is touted as the world’s first portfolio style case that’s been incorporated with the RPT (Reactive Protection Technology). What will get you more concerned is the G-Form Portfolio is able to protect your iPad 2 from various drops, bumps and knocks. It’s been tested, having successfully protected the iPad 2 from an amazing 60-foot drop.

A video is included below, showing the iPad 2 housed in the G-Form Extreme Portfolio case, was dropped from 60 feet on to asphalt.

The video also shows you a side by side test with a competitor’s product which is based on hardshell technology. Unfortunately, the 60-foot drop of the iPad 2 housed in the hardshell case resulted an iPad 2 with a smashed screen and the case itself was even broken.

On the other hand, an iPad 2 that was encased in the G-Form Extreme Portfolio case was similarly dropped from 60 feet. The result was both the case and the iPad 2 remained intact, with video playing smoothly on the iPad 2’s screen after the drop.

The G-Form Extreme Portfolio case is lightweight and water-resistant, and it’s been designed with RPT, able to fit a variety of tablet sizes, including the iPad 1, iPad 2, Xoom and other tablets.

The case is also selectively reinforced with polycarbonate and added RPT which offer both protection for the front and the corners for the iPad while in use.

The Extreme Portfolio case is also equipped with an adjustable easel stand, an inside pocket for documents and a reversible zipper that zips to convert the case to a doubly protective tablet format.

Similar to the Extreme Sleeve, the Extreme Portfolio case for the iPad, is composed of RPT and PORON XRD, and a number of G-Form’s proprietary technology and design, allowing the case to absorb up to 90% of the energy of an impact.

The G-Form Extreme Portfolio case is now available for pre-order on for $80 each. The first pre-orders will start shipping on August 11, 2011.

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