Finis AquaPulse heart rate monitor for swimmers available now

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We’ve featured a number of heart rate monitors before but almost all of them are meant for users who carry out sports activities on the ground instead of in the water. If you’re a swimmer or a water fitness enthusiast and you wish to monitor your own heart rate as well while you’re in the water, the Finis’ AquaPulse will be the right device that you need.

The Finis AquaPulse heart rate monitor has now been announced for its availability. It’s a small accessory for swimmers who want to get most out of their workout through heart rate training.

The AquaPulse has been designed to be easily slipped inside your goggle strap. And there is a soft rubber clip that needs to be attached to your earlobe, then you’re good to go with monitoring your heart rate while you’re swimming. The above picture shows how the device is worn by Jason Lezak for his training.

The device is equipped with Infrared sensor which detects heart rate through your earlobe by capillary activity. Heart rate information can be listened by the user, which is audibly transmitted in real time to the user’s inner ear via Bone Conduction technology.

The overall design of the AquaPulse is simple and suitable for use in water. It has no earbuds, no chest straps and no watch device, which eliminates the cumbersomeness seen on other similar devices.

Monitoring your heart rate during your workout is essential, so you can be sure you’re not over or under training yourself and always stick to the correct pace during your workout. If you wish to start monitoring your heart rate today for all your water sports activities, you can grab the AquaPulse on for $150 each.

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