FlickKey shrinks a full QWERTY into six keys to be the world’s smallest virtual keyboard

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It’s common that physical Bluetooth keyboards are competing for the smallest title. But it’s rarely known that a virtual keyboard so desperately wants to be the smallest in order to stand out in the crowd.

What’s shown here is the FlickKey, a different kind of virtual keyboard, which works on your iPhone and it deserves the title to be the world’s smallest virtual keyboard. It simply packs a full QWERTY keyboard into six flick-able keys, which each has 9 characters.

Since it has six keys only, selecting a character requires you to press the key where the character resides and you have to flick the key in the direction of the character you want to select. This reminds me the old days on a Nokia cellphone, which each physical key on its keypad contains three or more characters, where selecting a character requires you to press more than once.

Apparenrly, FlickKey will not get you as productive as you do with your regular touchscreen QWERTY keyboard, as it always needs two moves (press the key and flick the key to the character you want) that may slow down your typing speed.

FlickKey currently works on the iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 4.0. It supports English and presents a generic International keyboard layout. The future versions will come with support for more languages. FlickKey is not free, it costs $1.99 on iTunes. The FlickKey could be more useful if it could run on an iPod Nano that has a tiny display. A video is included below showing FlickKey in action on an iPhone.

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