Pic3D film turns the screen of your iPhone, tablet or laptop into a glasses-free 3D display

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If you wish to enjoy 3D videos and game plays, what you can do is buy a new 3D LCD monitor, a 3D laptop or a 3D HDTV. The cheapest among the three mentioned 3D gears is a 3D LCD monitor which already costs you at least $400 USD or above. While a 3D laptop or 3D HDTV usually costs you more than $1.5K USD. If you have a pretty slim budget and you do not want to spend more than $300 for a 3D display, there is a solution here.

A handy product that has just been announced by Global Wave, known as the Pic3D, which is a lenticular lens film that can be added to the screen of your iPhone, tablet or laptop to turn it into a glasses-free 3D display. Please note it’s glasses-free which means you can even save your pocket from buying 3D glasses.

And the best is the Pic3D films are highly affordable. An iPhone version costs around $23 USD and a 23-inch version costs only $185 (which be can applied to your existing 23-inch non-3D monitor). It’s available in 6 different sizes including a 12.1-inch, 21.5-inch, 23-inch and the versions for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The Pic3D film offers a 90% of transparency and a 120 degree field of view. It works with images and videos produced in the side by side format. If you’re not sure what a side by side 3D is, it’s actually the format used by cable TV services which transfer 3D content over the air e.g. the ESPN sports event in 3D. On the other hand, a Blu-ray content is based on the frame-sequential 3D. More technical about side by side format is detailed here.

Excited about these 3D films? Now, the good news is they’ll start shipping in August. A clip is included below showing how it can be applied to an iPhone, LCD display and laptop etc.

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