Wicked Audio and Coloud Headphones help prevent cellphone radiation with styles

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The recent report by WHO indicates that cellphone radiation has a link to some causes of brain cancers. The researchers classify it as a “group 2B” carcinogen, meaning that there is some evidence for a risk of brain cancer caused by cellphone radiation, even tough it’s not that convincing.

So, for those who can’t refrain from talking for long hours on the phone yet want a way to be shielded from being exposed too much to cellphone radiation – we have a couple of solutions here.

As you know, the exposure to RF emission of a mobile phone is very much reduced as long as you don’t put the phone up to your face. Thus, it’s advisable to use headphones while talking on the the phone.

If you want headphones that come equipped with phone controls, as well as great sound for music and unique colors and themes to match your styles, we have a couple of them here from the two stylish headphone makers – Wicked Audio and Coloud.

The Wicked Audio’s Cellular Line of headphones – Tours, Jaw Breakers and Metallics, have now been integrated with a microphone which allows you to make and receive calls. And the best is these headphones will not let you lose your style: The Wicked Audio Cellular Jaw Breakers include four color with a candy theme, guaranteeing a match to anyone’s unique style. While the Cellular Metallics are composed of four metallically brilliant colors and Tour is the stylish over-the-ear, decked out in three bright, dual-color designs with a glossy finish.

The Wicked Audio’s cellular line can be had from FYE, Fry’s Electronics, Airport Wireless, Verizon Wireless and other select retailers and are priced in the range of $15 to $25 a pair. More info about these headphones are also available on WickedHeadphones.com

On the other hand, the Coloud Colors In-ear headphones have also been upgraded with remote and microphone, which allow you to end/receive calls and to play or pause music. They also offer three sizes of ear-caps to ensure best comfort. And they’re available in a number of colors including pink, red, purple, green, blue, black and white that can easily match your unique style or fashion. Each pair of Coloud Colors headphones costs only $20 and can be had from coloud.com

Please note that both the Wicked Audio Cellular and Coloud Colors are wired headphones that are considered a better option to help prevent radiation while Bluetooth headset is deemed to cause cancer as well.

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