DSLR-shaped piggy bank is what you need to start saving to buy a DSLR

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Not everyone can afford a DSLR. There is a need for a continuous effort of saving some of your daily expenses, if you’re not someone who earns high income. A DSLR-shaped piggy bank is definitely useful which consistently reminds you that you have to save in order to own your dreamed gears.

As shown, the piggy bank is shaped like a Canon EOS 7D DSLR with great details, along with an EF 70-200mm USM II lens, that can be detached when you want to get the coins out. It even comes complete with a matching lens hood.

Is the Canon EOS 7D one of your long dreamed DSLR cameras? A real Canon EOS 7D and the required accessories easily cost you $4,000, while the piggy bank costs only $36. But what makes this DSLR-shaped piggy bank useful is it consistently reminds you that you have to insert coins into it frequently, in order to save as much as $4,000 to buy a Canon EOS 7D or the equivalent. So, get the DSLR-shaped piggy bank from Brando and start saving today.

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