TokyoFlash Kisai Rogue SR2 watch

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Most TokyoFlash watches share a common feature i.e. being as confusing as possible using their LED displays to show you time. Here comes another TokyoFlash watch, known as the Rogue SR2, which has a few rings of LED blocks on its display to show you time.

The inner ring of the light blocks shows you the hour by having a block removed at the number position for the hour. The outer ring of the light blocks shows you the approximate minutes, which a removed block represents a 5-minute increment.

If you want more details for the minutes, there is also a smaller, outermost ring of dots that show the exact minute. The watch comes in a slim and curved design with a solid stainless steel strap. It has a black band but the watch face is available in a number of colors including red, green, orange, and blue.

Wearing such an LED watch definitely makes you feel like a high-tech geek. But the downside is you’ll need to sometime to get used to the little confusing LED patterns on its watch face. Anyway, if you insist to have one of these watches, you can order it from Tokyoflash for $179 each. A clip is included below showing the watch in action.

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  1. TokyoFlash watches are one of my favourite watches since i first saw them. They make you stand out different from other people because of their unique design. I just love these watches.

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