Wattbike Trainer and Pro bikes now available in the US

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If you’re preparing yourself for a number of cycling or biking competitions and you need a quick solution to train yourself up in a short period of time, then the Wallbike’s gears are what you need. Wattbike is a company that offers some affordable indoor bikes. The company’s Wattbike Trainer and Pro bikes have now been announced for their availability in the US. These Wattbike indoor bikes offer a more effective way of indoor training without needing you to go for outdoor training.

The Wattbike Trainer and Pro bikes allow the users to instantly be aware of how much power they’re producing, without needing to wait for their heart rate to reach a certain point. This is what makes them better from other training bikes.

The Wattbike’s indoor bikes have been widely used by UK and European elite athletes, sports bodies and professional sports teams and have also been endorsed by the Bristish cycling. Now these bikes are available in the US, if you’re an athlete into cycling competition, the Wattbike’s bike is what you need to train harder in a shorter period of time. As you can easily customize to a specific intensity and training goal to train yourself indoor. This has the advantage of having no downtime while compared to what’s usually encountered by outdoor trainers.

The Wattbike work like real bikes, they feature the both air and magnetic braking systems to let you easily replicate any desired training sessions with various intensities that suit you. They also promise to deliver accurate, repeatable and comparable results as each Wallbike is factory calibrated and there isn’t a need to re-calibrate it throughout life.

Other features are a performance computer that offers you viewing of useful data including Power (Watts), Energy (Joules), Speed (km/h) and Pace (time per km), a unique polar display that provides instant feedback on cyclist’s technique, so you can adjust your wrongdoing immediately, a heart rate monitoring that supports ANT+ SPORT chest belts and an expert software that lets you link the bike’s performance computer to a PC for an extended range of monitoring.

Two models of the Wattbike are available, the Trainer and Pro versions. The Trainer is of course meant for trainees, children or non-cyclists as its name implies and suitable for high-level track. While the Pro version is meant for the pros – endurance cyclists and triathletes etc.

These bikes are easily adjustable to suit your riding position and the pedals and saddle are easily replaceable to suit your comfort. But they’re not cheap at all. Both the Trainer and Pro versions are priced $3,000 MSRP each and they’re available for purchase on Wallbike shop


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