Fujitsu F-022 smartphone offers nice smell to cover up your bad body odor

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Fujitsu has always wanted to stand out from others with their smart phones. The latest from Fujitsu is a smartphone known as Fujitsu F-022, which is a result of the team up between Fujitsu and Folli Follie. The latter is actually a popular brand in China for watches, jewelry and other accessories for women.

The specialty of the Fujitsu F-022 is it has a little disc which allows the user to spray their favorite perfume, so the handset will always carry the smell that you like most.

The handset is meant for Beijing Digital Telecom and will be released there on June 24. Overall, the phone has nothing too special except it carries your favorite perfume.

The front of the handset is gold tone in color. It also sports a diamond-pattern on the front cover and a 2-karat cubic zirconia. Other goodies are a 8.1MP rear camera, a 0.3MP front-facing camera and a 3-inch main screen with 480 x 854 of resolution. The rear camera offers a special beautiful skin mode which enhances the look of people’s skin in the photos. It also has a pupil tracking mode which ensures the photos offer natural looking eyes.

The handset is also water resistant and dust resistant which are both up to the ratings of IPX5/7/8 and IP5X respectively. And it offers a battery life that is good for 200 minutes of talk time in 3G mode.

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