Hatsuden-Nabe lets campfire juice up your iPhone while you’re camping

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The common frustration of most adventurous iPhone users is their iPhone runs out of juice while they’re camping and there is no power source in the wild that can be used to juice up their iPhones. But now there is a device called the Hatsuden-Nabe, which simply makes use of the most easily obtainable resource of campers – the campfire to keep the iPhone juiced up.

The Hatsuden-Nabe is basically a pot that most campers will bring along for cooking some food while camping. But it’s not any ordinary pot; it has a cable attached to it, which can be hooked up to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. So, when the pot is heated up while you’re cooking, the connected iPhone will get juiced up as well.

It requires 3-5 hours to fully charge an iPhone. Althoughit takes longer than usual, but it’s better than nothing especially while you’re in the wild. It’s definitely a good backup power for any emergency situations. But it’s not cheap, sets you back at $280 each.

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