CanBot transforms from a beer can into a robot, while you press the Wiimote

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In the past, we’ve seen a number of robots that bring you beer. Now, someone from Japan, brings us something that links a can of beer and a robot in a different manner.

It’s called CanBot which looks just like a plain beer can but is able to transform into a mini walking robot while you press a button of a Wiimote in your hand.

CanBot was built by a hobbyist in Japan, which has three legs with each equipped with two servos, allowing it to shimmy around on your desk or roll on its side. It’s powered by an mbed microcontroller and 4 AA batteries.

Actually, it’s not a can beer, it’s a 500ml can of Kirin Tanrei, the kind of low-malt, beer-like beverage that’s called happoshu in Japan. Watch the clip below (Japanese) showing the Happoshu robot in action.


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