Use your iPhone as a mobile WiFi hotspot for your iPad WiFi, laptop or MacBook Pro while on the go

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While you’re on the go and you’re somewhere having no other WiFi Internet connection but you wish to use a device with a larger screen such as your iPad WiFi, laptop or MacBook Pro laptop to access the Internet, you can then make use of your iPhone as a mobile wireless hotspot for any of the said devices to share your iPhone’s 3G Internet connection.

The personal wireless hotspot feature is not new and has been added to your iPhone as long as you’ve had it upgraded to at least iOS 4.3. I’ve found it pretty useful especially while I’m on the go. Therefore, I’d like to share with you here. For GSM iPhone user, if you’re still on the iOS 4.2.x or an earlier version of iOS, you should upgrade to iOS 4.3 or the latest iOS 4.3.3.

For an iPhone that runs at least the iOS 4.3, you’ll be able to turn on the personal WIFi hotspot by going into Settings on your home screen. As shown in the screens above, when you’re into the Personal hotspot setting, you’ll be asked to allow the personal hotspot to be connected via USB, WiFi or Bluetooth connection. Choose WiFi or Bluetooth for a wireless connection.

When you first turn on the personal hotspot on your iPhone, it’ll come preset with a generated WiFi password. This generated password is quite strong with a mix of numbers and characters. This should prevent others from accidentally opening your wireless network and consuming your data plan. Anyway, if you want a stronger password, you can easily set a longer, stronger password. (Note: don’t set as what’s shown here, they’re just an example and a pretty weak password).

Now, if you want your WiFi-only iPad to share your iPhone’s 3G Internet connection, you can easily set it up on your iPad i.e. by going into Settings on your iPad’s homescreen, and tap on the WiFi, choose a network, you’ll be able to find your iPhone as one of the wireless networks for your iPad to connect to. So, quickly set it up by keying in the same password you set on your iPhone’s personal hotspot.

Similarly, you can share your iPhone’s 3G Internet connection for other WiFi-enabled devices such as your laptop or MacBook laptop. You just connect like connecting a regular WiFi network, just key in the WiFi password set in your iPhone’s personal hotspot on your laptop or MacBook Pro.

Once there are devices connected via your iPhone’s personal hotspot, there is a blue bar shown on top of your iPhone’s screen, showing how many devices connected. It depends on the operator, normally, you’re allowed for up to three WiFi-enabled devices to be connected via your iPhone.

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  1. One small detail is missing. For ATT customers, you currently must subscribe to the $45/month 4GB data plan to use the tethering feature.

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