MSI’s Afterburner Android app lets you monitor and overclock your video card wirelessly

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MSI has made overclocking your computer’s video card much easier than before, by having introduced its Afterburner app for your Android devices. The MSI’s Afterburner app allows you to use an Android smartphone or tablet to monitor or overclock the GPU of your computer via WiFi.

The PC that needs to be wirelessly monitored or overclocked needs to have the Afterburner app installed on it. The user can then use the Afterburner Android app to wirelessly monitor or overclock the graphics card of the PC via WiFi network.

Users can monitor the temperature, voltage, and fan speed of the graphics card of a PC right on their Android smartphones or tablets. Or they can use the Android app to overclock or overvoltage the graphics card if they want to.

If you’re an Android device user, and you’re little addicted into monitoring or constantly tweaking the GPU of your computer, now you can do it right on your Android phone or tablet.

MSI would likely prepare an iOS version of the app, which would allow you to do the same using your iPhone or iPad.


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