Kingston Wi-Drive – a portable, wireless storage for your iPhone, iPad and more

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First was the Seagate GoFlex mobile, which provides you more storage space of your iDevices wirelessly. Now, it’s the Kingston’s Wi-Drive, which works similarly, allows you to store and access your data on it wirelessly from your iOS devices.

The Kingston’s Wi-Drive comes in the form similar to a portable hard drive at a glance. It features a Flash-based storage and a USB connection, which you can hook it up to your computer for transferring data via the USB.

What’s best about it is as long as you have the iTunes-downloadable W-Drive app installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you’ll be able to wirelessly stream video, access music and share contents with other Apple devices wirelessly.

Two models of the Wi-Drive are available, which are a 16GB and 32GB models, costing $130 and $175 respectively.


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