NZXT FX fan and HAVIK 140 CPU cooler are what you need to keep your gaming PC cool

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Those who’re into building their own gaming PC should be aware that you must keep your PC cool enough to stay at its top performance. Hence, there are some components that you shouldn’t overlook to include in your PC, including a CPU cooler and a fan.

NZXT have announced two of the important components for gaming PC, which are the HAVIK 140 CPU cooler and FX fan.

The NZXT’s HAVIK 140 (pictured above) is a CPU cooler that’s been specially designed for high-performance gaming rigs. It’s comprised of 6 mm heat pipes, dual standard 140mm fans and expertly engineered fan blades that deliver unparalleled cooling performance.

Best of all is it keeps noise low at 25db while maximizing the ventilation of your CPU and comes in a small form factor that does not burden the motherboard. The HAVIK 140 CPU cooler is universally compatible with Intel and AMD processors and priced at $75 each. You can find out more about it on NZXT website.

Other than the CPU cooler, the NZXT’s FX fan is also what you need to keep airflow to max for your gaming PC. The NZXT FX fan is available in two sizes, a 120mm and 140mm model, with each able to blow out between 35.8 and 96.0 CFM . The fan is also equipped with a built in 3 phase fan speed control for optimal power and customization.

The FX 120 fan can be had for a priced of $13, while the FX 140 will be available for $15 each. WIth these great cooling components from NZXT, you will no more have to stuff your gaming rig with 66 fans or wrap it in ice!

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