BIG Fone turns any smartphone into a tablet

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The trend continues at Computex 2011. Following the Asus Padfone tablet, the BIG Fone is another tablet that reserves a cavity for a smartphone to plug in it, to allow it to work as a smartphone.

BIG Fone offers a 10.1-inch screen that is definitely more comfortable for content viewing while compared with a 4-inch smartphone. At the back of the BIG Fone, there is a slot for a smartphone to plug in it.

BIG Fone works with almost any smartphone, including the iPhone, Android and WP7 smartphones. And BIG Fone basically relies on the raw power and OS of the smartphone. You can even plug a PC module in it to turn the BIG Fone into a Linux or Windows-powered tablet.

The concept of BIG Fone is definitely useful, especially for old folks, who aren’t used to the small screen size of a handset. With BIG Fone, you just need to carry one device that serves you as a tablet for comfortable viewing of various contents as well as as a phone for making calls on the run.


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