Verbatim Easy Riser Bluetooth mouse for your Xoom tablet

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The recent Android Honeycomb OS (3.1) update, allows you to use a Bluetooth wireless mouse on an Android Honeycomb tablet including the Motorola Xoom. The Verbatim’s Easy Riser wireless Bluetooth mouse is one of the few compatible with the Motorola Xoom tablet.

If you want to use a mouse on the Xoom tablet as what you can do on a computer, the Verbatim Easy Riser mouse is what you need.

This mouse has a little uniqueness that you won’t find on any average mouse. As the name implies, it can be raised by simply flicking a switch, to provide you comfort and support for computing navigation. And you can also flatten it for traveling and easy storage.

The Verbatim Easy Riser wireless mouse is based on the 2.4GHz wireless technology and advanced laser sensor technology. It comes included with two AAA batteries and is now available for a price of $30, on a number of online stores including Amazon, Fry’s Electronics and B&H. You can buy it on Verbatim

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