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Kogeto announces Dot, a 360-degree panoramic lens for your iPhone’s camera

There are lots of accessories for the iPhone, trying to make the iPhone an useful and near perfect device on the go. What’s fresh here is a little add-on for the iPhone, called Dot, a product of a Kogeto, which will add 360-degree panoramic view to your iPhone’s lens.

When the Kogeto’s Dot is added on your iPhone’s lens, you’ll be able to capture with a 360-degree view. The Dot comes with an accompanying app for your iPhone, making it easier for you to shoot, browse, upload and share the captured videos on Facebook, Twitter and other Kogeto’s web-based streaming services.

The Dot has custom optic to automatically align with the iPhone’s camera to ensure the Dot is shooting properly. The Dot also lets Looker link the videos taken by two or more Dot users in the same location.

One good use of the Dot is while you’re at a party (e.g. a wedding party), you can just add on the Dot to the iPhone’s camera, and let the iPhone sit at one corner, quietly recording video with 360-degree views of the venue.

The 360-degree view should let you capture almost every corner in the party. If one Dot is not sufficient, you can use a few iPhones with each having their own Dot to capture a 360-degree video. As mentioned, these videos can be linked, so you will not miss any corner in the party, while still being able to enjoy good time with your friends and family, rather than having to be busy with the recording.

The Dot is now available for pre-order for a price of $100, you can find out more on Kogeto website.

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