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Facebook Places tells your friends where you are, using your touchscreen phones

The Facebook’s location sharing service, Facebook Places, will be available on a touch-enabled mobile site for your touchscreen smart phone that supports geo-location and HTML 5, so you can share where you are to your friends. It’ll also be included in the new version of Facebook iPhone app. While the Android and BlackBerry versions are currently in the works.

Of course, the very first question that has come in my mind is the privacy. Do you wanna be kept an eye by your friends, family, spouse or your bosses who also happened to be your friends on Facebook?

The service will first roll out to US users. Those who’re not in the US will be able to see where your friends have checked in but you won’t be able to check in.

I’d rather not want such an app or service enabled on my device. Although you may have option to turn it off or disable it but you could have unintentionally turned it on or enabled it; thus you’ll be tracked wherever you go. Read below of what Facebook CEO has said:

During the press conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said there are three major goals of this new service: help you share where you are in a fun and social way, see who’s around you and discover new places around you. The company believes the location services will be a powerful new addition to the world’s largest social network.

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