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iPhone 4 clone from China costs only $85

iPhone 4, being one of the super popular gadgets, should definitely have attracted a number of Chinese clone makers to start developing copies of it. The newly spotted clone of the iPhone 4 from China is called the ePhone 4GS. And it costs a mere $85.

This iPhone 4 clone is unlike previously seen clones, has been given some attention on its details. Although it might be just made of cheap plastic but it’s hardly to tell the difference from the exterior while comparing it with the genuine iPhone 4 at close up. This also hints the Chinese’s cloning skills are getting better and better over years.

But once you turn it on, you’ll notice its display showing a very much lower resolution than the iPhone 4′s retina display. However, similar to the iPhone 4, the ePhone 4GS also packs two cameras, one at the back and one at the front. And it comes with 16GB of memory.

Other than the noticeable, we believe other features of this clone are far inferior than what the iPhone 4 has. If you’re one going for the quality and usability, then forget about this clone, as it’ll eventually get you to spend more for having to buy the real iPhone 4.

via gaj-it

10 Responses to “iPhone 4 clone from China costs only $85”

  1. 1
    Cheap iPhone 4 Clone Sells For $85 Says:

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  2. 2
    tom Says:

    thanks for post this article, but i still have bought this phone from china,Although this is a copy one, but the quality is ok,Because it just cost $99,
    that also have the TV version ,about $85

  3. 3
    The White iPhone 4 clone – E9000 for a price of $92 only! Says:

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  4. 4
    Riduan Says:

    tis iphone i mean everthing the application is among the same as original iphone? reply me soon as i interested..u selling it at us money?..reply my qns to my email pls

  5. 5
    Matt Kovarik Says:

    i was wondering how much it would cost for you to send me this iphone 4 clone to Chicago U.S?

  6. 6
    A Khan Says:

    hi im interested in buyig this phone but will the Iphone 4 apps work on this phone

  7. 7
    simon Says:

    will the apps that u get on the real iphone work on the clone and will u be able 2 download them 2 the phone

  8. 8
    ketyung Says:

    Hi everyone, this is just a clone, it does NOT run iOS, therefore all the iPhone apps from Apple app store are NOT able to run on this handset.

  9. 9
    Dustin Salvador Says:

    how much will u send it to chicago? and how big is the memory?

  10. 10
    saverio Says:

    i am intrested to buy. i need to know how to buy

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