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Sony introduces a 4.1-inch rollable OLED display

Sony will show off their 4.1-inch rollable OLED display at SID 2010 in Washington. The rollable OLED screen is only 80 µm in thickness which has its guts made up of OTFTs organic thin film transistors that were made with original organic semiconductor material.

The 4.1-inch rollable OLED boasts a resolution of 121 ppi 432×240 pixel, 16.8 million colors, contrast of 1000:1. Sony still have some work ahead in developing and improving the mentioned organic materials. They adopt the solution / print based process that makes display devices from organic materials that are easily dissolved in common solvents. This process needs fewer steps, consumes materials and energy more efficiently; has smaller environment footprint while compared to the conventional semiconductor processes that use inorganic materials.

There are still rooms for improvements for the performance and reliability of the flexible OLEDs, hoping to produce something that is super thin, light-weight, durable to suit various mobile devices. Watch the clip below for the rollable OLED in action.

via oled-display

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