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Live-checking credit card

The Live-checking card is a concept that helps credit card holders to easily avoid overspending. The card features an e-Ink display that shows the accumulated spending amount after every purchase. This credit card is also capable of checking your purchase history and matching them up with the bank account transactions using RFID.

Well, if such a credit card was given to your wife or girlfriend, it might bring negative impact to your relationship. As it simply acts as a nagging device reminding her that she’s big spender. Anyway, it’s handy to help you avoid falling into big debts. Watch the clip below showing how it works.

via ohgizmo yankodesign

3 Responses to “Live-checking credit card”

  1. 1
    Carmen Bennett Says:

    Wow is that for real? what companies offer that kind of credit card? It would be great if I could have a hold of something like that, it would be really easy to check you current spending and no need of checking you bills for your current balance.

  2. 2
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  3. 3
    Dynamics’ high-tech credit card packs multiple accounts Says:

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