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BeenVerified allows instant background check on your iPhone

BeenVerified has got an iPhone application that allows the instant background check of a person right on your iPhone. The BeenVerified Background Check app is definitely handy for those who’re headed for a date with a person that you might have just got to know online or via any speed dating or match-making websites.

Or for some small business owners who plan to meet up with some new clients, so you could just do a background check right on your iPhone of the person that you’re going to meet up with.

The Background Check app provides you details of person including the age, address history, relatives, even the properties or any criminal records associated with a person. The application even scans social networking sites to fetch their details and photos. And it can also verify each contact stored on your iPhone’s address book.

Although the BeenVerified app is handy for concerned parents, business owners and online daters but the instant background check has sparked a controversy over privacy rights. Of course, nobody would love to have their own background information to be easily available on another person’s iPhone. Despite that, the BeenVerified has hit 350,000 downloads within a month of its release. It’s now ranked #47 in most popular apps on iTunes. And it’s been used for 1 million plus background checks in just a few weeks.

The BeenVerified allows three free checks a week on your iPhone, if you wanna have more than three checks a week, you can sign up for a premium account that costs you $8 per month, but it’s still much cheaper than getting a company to perform the check which will mostly cost you $19.95 on a single check. The BeenVerified app is now available for download from iTunes. The company is now working on a version 2.0 with more features and a version for BlackBerry and Android devices is on the way. Watch the clip below for more info.

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3 Responses to “BeenVerified allows instant background check on your iPhone”

  1. 1
    Mike Royce Says:

    Electronic background screening from BeenVerified or a comparable service is NEVER complete or comprehensive. Only law enforcement has access to nationwide arrests and criminal convictions.

    BeenVerified suggests in their commercial on CNN and CBS that you will have a clear picture of a person and you will know who you can trust. Criminal records, BeenVerified’s main selling point, are not comprehensively available online. BeenVerified DOES NOT have access to nationwide criminal records. You have to contact courthouses individually and usually search their records in person, not to mention pay the fees.

    Courthouse searches are not free, and BeenVerified’s service (on their iphone App, at least) is free. How do they plan on making any money, if they’re conducting any kind of comprehensive searches? Using BeenVerified is hit or miss, and its more likely to be a miss. Do yourself a favor, skip BeenVerified and go to trained professional if you’re serious about keeping yourself and your family safe.

  2. 2
    J criminal Says:

    Besides those negative points, how about its benefits? Anyone who had used it would like to give comments? Thanks

  3. 3
    People Finder Says:

    I have found Been Verified to be pretty accurate on some test searches I ran on the site.

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