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Netgear Push 2 TV wireless video adapter + Intel Wireless Display Technology

We told you about the Netgear’s PTV1000 Push 2 TV Adapter, which allows you to stream video and audio wirelessly from your laptop to a TV via WiFi. If you’re interested in knowing more on how it actually works, we have more info here for you after the jump.

The Netgear Push 2 TV adapter makes use of Intel Wireless Display technology which consists of two core components. The Push 2 TV adapter, e.g the PTV1000 is to be connected to a TV as a receiver to receive AV signals sent wirelessly from an Intel Wireless Display enabled laptop (Windows 7).

According to the Netgear PTV1000 user manual, you’ll have to get the PTV1000/Intel Wireless Display installed on your Windows 7 laptop by following the instructions in the installation guide. But surprisingly after the installation, you won’t get a shortcut icon on your Windows start menu or desktop etc. But to launch the Intel Wireless Display, you’ve gotta search it out by inputting “Intel Wireless Display” in the search field of your Windows 7. The manual also suggests that some laptops may have a key or button dedicated for launching the Intel Wireless Display.

You’ll also need the Intel’s My WiFi feature enabled, which allows you laptop to act as a hotspot for other laptops and also the Push 2 TV adapters. Once the Intel Wireless Display has been launched it’ll start scanning and showing a list of TV-connected adapters. So, just hit connect once your adapter is listed.

The PTV1000 adapter also allows you to set a 4-digit PIN from you laptop on the TV to prevent any random laptop from connecting to your adapter. Please note the system is only compatible with Intel Core i3, i5 or i7-processor-powered laptops with Intel GMA HD graphics adapter.

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If any of you’ve encountered problems getting the Push 2 TV works, you may wanna consider upgrade the software to the latest version. NetGear website has the step by step instruction showing how you can download and upgrade the Push 2 TV software.

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  1. 11
    Sam Says:

    Interesting to see some recent responses here. I consider myself fairly tech savvy, but still have not been able to get to get this heap of junk to work consistently after 11 months.

  2. 12
    Stu Says:

    Just hooked up an X-Box to my TV and it streams video seemlessly. The netbook is 2 rooms away and I’ve streamed movies from a thumb drive, using Windows7. Microsoft seems to be head and shoulders above others in this area.

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