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BerrySki BlackBerry app offers analysis of skiing route and offline GPS maps

Skiers will sometimes go missing in their skiing route. Even you’re equipped with a GPS-enabled gadget but you will most likely fail to load the online GPS maps, which is due to the site you go skiing is out of your device’s network coverage. But the BerrySki Blackberry app works differently, as it offers offline maps for North America and Europe (coming soon). With the BerrySki loaded on your BlackBerry, you’ll sure be able to go according to your planned route.

The BerrySki allows the GPS maps downloaded to your BlackBerry device for offline usage. This is very useful when you go to skiing sites where you’re unable to get any Internet connections. The software supports standard mapping features like pan/zoom to get an overall idea of the ski resort. It has maps covering more than 80 resorts in the North America. Spots such as lodges, restaurants, ticket offices, parking or skier drop-off areas are marked in the downloaded maps.

The BerrySki is also best used for analyzing your skiing route, which you can pair a bluetooth GPS puck with your device to record GPS tracks for ski analytics or to view what you’ve covered. Other features include view tracks overlay, live track animation, ski track analysis/stats/summary, and track export to your computer or to BerrySki’s partner website. Watch the clip for more info.

Buy online, BerrySki, $25 (For 80+ resorts)

Find out more: BerrySki

5 Responses to “BerrySki BlackBerry app offers analysis of skiing route and offline GPS maps”

  1. 1
    John Says:

    I am going to 3 vallees in Jan. Do you know when they are European resorts expected?

  2. 2
    ketyung Says:

    I’ve spoken to BerrySki, Europe maps will most likely be ready by January next year :)

  3. 3
    Skiing Says:

    I don’t have berryski application in my blackberry. I purchased it three months back. Is this application available online.

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