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Electronic Itch stopper takes your itches away

Itch stopper
Some itches on your body will stay for some time. No matter how hard and frequent you scratch it, it still remains on your skin. And some more keep on scratching may make it worse, especially will cause damages on your skin. Here comes an Electronic Itch Stopper which is able to remove your itches electronically, it’s much more effective than any traditional methods introduced by your granny.

Simply apply the electronic Itch stopper on the part that is itching for about 20 seconds, the itch will be gone for the entire day. It can work on all types of itches including a chronic itch, or from rashes or insect bites. The Itch stopper simply produces mild electronic energy, which destroys trouble-causing toxins beneath the skin and stops histamine release. Histamines are what make you itch, so you’ll need anti-histamines to stop itches.

This Itch stopper is scientifically proven, it’s backed with some scientific data here. The Itch stopper takes seconds only to stop itches, which is much more effective than using any lotions or creams, which normally lose their effect to the source of itch since they’re all applied on the outside of the skin. The device is safe to use, does not cause DNA damage or skin cancer and is FDA approved.

Buy online, Amazon, $60

via craziestgadgets

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    Luc J Says:

    Interesting product. I’ve seen another one for itch relief that works without battery but also uses electric pulses:

    I wonder if they function the same way or not.

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