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Night watch robotic mosquito meant for killing real mosquitoes ?

Night Watch is a super tiny robot that is modeled after the real mosquito. But the purpose of this tiny robotic mosquito is unknown due to the designer who created it, has not got an understandable description about his product.

The robotic mosquito came out of the hands of the Russian graphic designer, iunewind. It’s been completed as detailed as a real mosquito. The Russian designer described Night Watch as “Model of robot mosquito, killer of vampire – real mosquito.”, which likely means the Night Watch is meant for killing the real mosquitoes.

The Russian designer also has his design of the Night Watch robotic mosquito sold as photo prints on Deviantart, where he described that these tiny robots as evil machines, meant for uncivilized wars, killing enemies by sucking their blood. Anyway, it’s just a concept and a piece of art.


via technabob

2 Responses to “Night watch robotic mosquito meant for killing real mosquitoes ?”

  1. 1
    Ros Kelly Says:

    That looks like a wasp, not a mosquito.

  2. 2
    USB Mosquito Repellent Says:

    [...] If you’ve been working late at nights, you’ll need this gadget, to keep the annoying mosquitoes away and some more killing [...]

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