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ocz pci-e z-drive card boasts 1tb storage capacity
PCI-e based SSD card is the next thing to look on for your computer’s permanent storage to replace hard disk drive as SSD card provides tremendous speeds of read and write. OCZ is another company that has launched their new PCI-e SSD card with amazingly huge capacities up to 1TB.

The OCZ’s PCI-e SSD cards are called the Z-cards, feature a 4x PCI-E interface. These SSD cards will be available in capacities including 250GB, 500GB and 1TB. The three drives are claimed to be able to reach a sustained write speed of 200MB/sec. But the maximum read and write speeds vary between the drives.

The maximum read speed of the 250GB model is 450MB/sec and the maximum write speed is 300MB/sec. The 500GB drive has a read speed of 510MB/sec, along with a 480MB write speed. The 1TB drive is slightly slower, which boasts a read speed of 500MB/sec and write speed of 470MB/sec only.

These SSD cards use NAND flash chips, feature a 250MB local cache, and four Vertex controllers in RAID 0 configuration, to boost performance. The controller used within these Z-drives could be the Indilinx controller which was announced by OCZ earlier on. The Z-cards are now available with a number of retailers for pre-order.

SSD cards are great for their amazing read and write speeds, and no moving parts. And these cards plug into the motherboard of the computer directly. The major downside is the SSD cards are still pretty expensive. In the UK, the Z-cards are priced at £1,092.44 inc VAT for the 250GB model. The 500GB model is priced at £1,701.94 inc VAT, and the 1TB drive costs £2,640.34 inc VAT. Aria has all these three cards at the mentioned prices for pre-order now.


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