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USB Somniloquy lets your computer download files in sleep mode to save energy

Those who wanna have overnight download of videos and large files, will need to leave their computers running overnight. Apparently, this will dissipate lots of energy and it contributes to your monthly bills. If you could keep your computer downloading files while it’s in sleep mode, you’ll be able to save energy and your monthly electricity bills.

Somniloquy is a USB dongle that plugs into your computer’s USB port, to keep the computer in sleep mode, while at the same time keeping the computer active on the network. It’s like getting the computer “sleep-talking”. When the computer is in sleep mode, it’s still able to download files or receive IM or VOIP messages. If an action that requires the computer’s full attention, Somniloquy will bring the computer back to the awaken state.

The Somniloquy USB dongle is actually a mini computer that consumes very low power, complete with OS and flash memory, and essentially takes over the actual computer’s presence on the network while it’s actually asleep. This USB dongle consumes somewhere between 11 and 24 times less power than a full computer, which definitely helps save lots of energy.

The Somniloquy USB dongle was developed by computer scientists at UC San Diego along with Microsoft Research. They hope this technology will be incorporated into future network cards, so computers will have tis functionality out of box.

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2 Responses to “USB Somniloquy lets your computer download files in sleep mode to save energy”

  1. 1
    Lisa Says:

    Where can you buy this?

  2. 2
    ketyung Says:

    It’s not available yet.. but expected to be incorporated into future network interface cards (NIC) of computers

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