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Brother’s Quattro 6000D – a high-tech sewing machine

Brother has produced a high-tech sewing machine, Quattro 6000D, which makes use of various technologies to help users to make the most precise sewing.

Apparently, as shown in the picture, the sewing machine comes equipped with a 4.5 x 7-inch Sharp HD LCD display, which allows the users to take every possible angle and to have a closer zoom and view of the piece under the needle.

The Quattro 6000D employs the Brother’s “InnovEye” and “Up-Close Viewer” technology, which has a camera placed next to the needle to give the user a bird-eye view on the LCD to allow perfect placement of stitching. Also equipped with runway lighting, making it highly usable even under a dim environment. Some more it has three USB ports, which I’m not too sure what the main purpose is. Perhaps, they’re useful for loading some tutorials or sewing programme onto this sewing machine.

If your granny is tech-savvy enough, then this sewing machine will definitely come in handy to help her to make the perfect stitching. But the elderly will have problems to pick up on how to make use of the LCD, the USB drives, which sounds rather complex to them. Anyway, there is still no word on price and the availability of this machine.

via [switched]

4 Responses to “Brother’s Quattro 6000D – a high-tech sewing machine”

  1. 1
    WakeUp Says:

    Too bad the computer industry doesn’t take over the sewing machine industry, because they are not getting the message. Embroidery needs to be generic USB drive(s) and the machine needs to recognize the standard graphic formats, especially .jpg so we can make our own designs using our own graphic packages. Tying a sew machine to an operating system that quickly goes out of date and using propriety file extensions is inefficient and costly to the end user. Notice how each company buries the operating system compatibility down deep in their website without mentioning future upgrades. Since the technology has been around since 1990, all the machines should auto thread, auto tension and fabric sense. Big whoop on the zoom function, it is already built in to Vista by using the control plus key or control minus key and is nothing that a magnifying glass does not cure at the machine.

    These current price tags are ridiculous and costs more than 10 times my new notebook with a rate of depreciation that is faster than cars. Ladies, wake up and stop buying in order to force the prices down. We do all the hours of work and have to pay for all the materials, so why pay such exorbitant prices in order for them to retire on our nickel. Time to boycott to show them the female race has smartened up.

    Just ask yourself how many clothes you could buy with the price of a new sewing machine. Can you go to Walmart, buy the embroidery patch and sew it on by hand? Isn’t this amount of money better invested in a new car or college education than in a sewing machine with a very limited shelf-life.

    Built in obsolesce and proprietary software went the way of flood pants. The men just are not listening to our pleas so time to withhold the money in order to get their attention. Spread the word!

  2. 2
    Portable sewing machine for tailors on the run Says:

    [...] little sewing machine comes with three needles, one threader, and one spindle, and it accepts standard spools of thread. [...]

  3. 3
    Doris Harris Says:

    Please send me more info on this machine.
    the price and how I can order it.

    Mrs, Harris

  4. 4

    Please send me more info on this machine.
    the price and how I can order it.

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