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Happy New Year 2009

Time is flying, and it’s now come to the last day of 2008. Before I call it off for the last day of 2008. I’d first like to wish every TechChee reader a very Happy New Year for 2009. I’ve prepared a quick round-up for the top 10 posts of 2008 of TechChee. And also I’ve picked up several interesting and fun gadgets and tech stuff that we didn’t manage to cover, which I think we shouldn’t miss in this last post of 2008.

The top 10 posts of TechChee for 2008 are as follows:

Gadgets and tech stuff that we don’t wanna miss:

Geeky and fun gadgets

1. Working Playstation made of Lego. It’s another Lego fever in the year of 2008. Modder Max Maruszewski has made a fully functional playstation, complete with controller ports, using Lego bricks. Source: Gadgetlite

2. Top Space Invaders Gadgets and Designs If you are a big fan of Space Invaders, I’m sure that you’ll be very much interested in a great collection of Space Invaders gadgets and designs collected by Walyou. Other than the Space Invaders headphones that we’ve shown you before, there are more than 20 gadgets and items are in the Space Invaders designs such as lamps, decors, bags, rings etc. Head over to Walyou to open your eyes for this great Space Invaders collection.

3. Mr Robot Head – It’s a electronic toy which uses green power that needs you to wind it up for its power. To play it, you need to move the looped wand from one side to other side without touching the tantalizingly coiled wire. When the wire is touched, the robot head will make strange noise and flash it eyes. Source: Geeky-gadgets

Useful gadgets ?

4. Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds Dual Screen Laptop. Do you expect the year of 2009 to be busier than the 2008 ? If so, then you most probably need a laptop that comes with two screens. Lenovo is going to show off this dual-screen laptop at CES 2009. The main screen is 17-inch in size, and a side screen that can be slided out from the side which has a size of 10.2 inch only, but shall be sufficient for you to monitor your music or movie downloads. Source: Trendygadget

5. Help Lock This Help Lock is useful for the elderly, who may faint in the bathroom. But before getting to help you out, you must set it with a phone number and a timer. If you happen to spend longer time in taking bath than what’s preset in the timer, it’ll then make the call to the phone number set in it, asking for help. It may be useful, if you think you’ve spent too much time in the bathroom every day, and you wanna alert yourself to cut your bath session short, so you could have more time for your work in the year of 2009. Source: Ubergizmo

6. Climbing-up suitcase This suitcase is able to climb up the stairs, saving you lots of effort of having to lift it and carry it up the stair. It can be dragged on flat ground and even up the stairs. The Climbing UP suitcase features a set of free-wheeling rubber belt tracks that cover the entire body of the suitcase. The design not only allows you to easily pull a suitcase up a flight of stairs, but the continuous track means you can also pull the suitcase from the front or back. This design won the designer, Woo Moonhyung the 2008 red dot design concept award. Source: Ohgizmo

7. Symwave to demo USB 3.0 external storage solution at CES. We’ll be seeing more new technologies surfacing in this world in the year of 2009. Symwave is going to show off, the first external USB 3.0-complaint hard drive. Now you can experience the real super high-speed transfer rate of the USB 3.0 or SuperSpeed USB. Source: Engadget

8. World’s full HD file-base broadcast in Japan by Toshiba and SGI. Full HD file base content will be used in Japan broadcasting industry, as Toshiba and SGI Japan have successfully developed full HD file-based TV program broadcasting systems. Source: Fareastgizmos

ericsson-logo19. Intel and Ericsson to develop anti-theft mobile broadband in laptop – When loss or theft of a laptop is detected, the Intel processor can lock the entire laptop. The processor will be notified by an SMS message sent by theft management service residing in the network. The notebook has a broadband module that is able to receive the SMS notification and triggers the Intel processor to lock the computer, making it unusable. When the notebook is located or recovered, an unlock message can be sent to the notebook that unlocks the computer, making the data accessible again. Source: Intomobile

Once again, wish you a very happy new year. See you again in 2009 !

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