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Calendar Matches burn your days away

Look at the unique design of this calendar. All those little sticks hung on it are matches. Each match is attached to each day on the calendar, so when you tear days off the calendar, you actually tear a match off.

Each match is ready to strike and be used. It contains lots of meaning such as burning your days away. It actually hints that the time is flying, at the end of the year, you would have noticed that how easily it’s to burn a year away. This match-made calendar is still a concept by designer Yurko Gustulyak.

But these days, we seldom use a match to start fire. Unless you’re at a remote side where lighter is not available. And some more if this is used at home, you’ll have to hang it on a safe place where it’s hard to reach by kids. Or else, the next few hours will be burning your entire house away!

via [walyou]

Thanks Tal

8 Responses to “Calendar Matches burn your days away”

  1. 1
    darren Says:

    wow…where can get this?

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  6. 6
    Laila Kuwait Says:

    Wow Really brilliant idea to erase the memories of bad days at work, home, with friends, stupid boss, any thing u want 2 forget about !!!!

  7. 7
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  8. 8
    nic Says:

    where can i buy/get one?

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