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Touchgrind lets your two fingers play skateboard on your iPhone

Touchgrind skateboard game for iPhone
Touchgrind – a cool skateboard game is made available for your Apple iPhone and iPod Touch by the Illusion Labs.

The Touchgrind skateboard game fully utilizes the multi-touch capabilities of the touchscreen of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Imagine, you’ll have to make use of your two fingers to act as the two legs and feet stepping on the skateboard to move around through those obstacles. The developers claim Touchgrind is the world’s first true multi-touch game.

The developers have also released a video showing how the fingerskateboard is being controlled by his two fingers on the iPhone’s touchscreen. The game is built with dynamic and innovative controls and on top of a high quality physics engine, which give a high degree of freedom for the players to come out with their own tricks

Illusion Labs, TouchGrind

via [ipwngames]

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