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Martin’s Jet Pack – another one man flying machine

Jet pack - one man flying machine, up up in the sky
It’s another story of a flying machine. The jet pack was created by the designer Glenn Martin, who claims that he’s successfully built this flying jack pet and it actually works.

Mr Martin, who is now 48-year old and a father of two, has been spending years to adjust this jet pack to get to the perfection. Now he believes that after all his hard work, the jet pack has been made capable of flying in the sky and shouldn’t give much problem to the users. And he expects to start selling for a whopping price of £50,000 each next year. It’s no surprise that it will come with huge price tag, as it’ll allow you to travel in the sky.

This Jet Pack had made its public debut at AirVenture, the world’s biggest air show. But during the show, it didn’t travel a considerably far and high, which it managed to travel up to a distance of 50ft, a height of 6 ft only and stayed in the air for only 45 seconds. But the maker claims that that was the objective of the demo.

The maker is kind of confident that he could enhance this flying machine further in about six months’ time. He believes he could improve it to have a traveling distance of up t0 500 ft. A recommended flying height will be between 500ft and 1,000ft, although it could reach 6,000 ft. And also it’ll be able to stay in the sky for up for 30 minutes, which will be the attractive part of this gadget, which would make it a best seller.

via [fareastgizmos]

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    Sondre Says:

    is it possible to buy one? i must have!

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