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FuChat cordless phone, a green phone made from corn starch, equipped with emotion detector

FuChat cellphone with emotion sensor tells you when you should cool youself down, when you’re getting hot
Somehow, we tend to get hot easily when having conversation on a phone, especially on a cellphone. I guess this could be due to some electronic components lying within the phone that might have some negative interference to human emotions.

We always spend a couple of hours or more talking on the phone these days. And very often that the phone conversation would end up with a quarrel, which usually spoils your day or even worse, which might have spoiled a big business plan.

But we’re human, who always easily get annoyed and then angry with certain spoken words. Before it’s too late, it’s always neat that you could quickly learn that you’re actually raising the tone of your voice and you’re getting hot, which you words could have ruined someone on the other side of the phone.

Here comes the FuChat cordless phone, which comes with some intelligence that is able to detect the change of your emotion, by detecting the changes of tone of your voice as well as your body temperature. And from that one it’ll alert you that your emotion state. So you shall take an instantaneous control to cool yourself down.

The FuChat cordless phone is also a green gadget which its case is made of environmentally-friendly-biodegradable plastic which its raw material taken from corn starch and sugarcane. The inner framework is built with light aluminum compound for durability. The phone makes both visual and audio alerts to the user, once it’s detected that the user’s emotion state has changed, which his or her voice is rising with tones, and the body temperature is rising too.

Besides, the back of this cordless phone can be used to display some texts such as “Do Not Disturb”, “Busy”, which can be hung on the door handle to tell others not to knock to disturb. The bottom part of this phone has more weights, making it able to stand upright on flat surface, which is best for displaying messages. It’s got a block function that allows you to block calls too, which will then activate the voice mail to record what the callers have said.

Other features include display of weather conditions, which is capable of fetching weather feed from the Internet, and displaying temperature, time and incoming calls with caller IDs. The FuChat phone is capable of making Internet VOIP calls, or it can be used to attach to a land-line telephone network, for making regular calls. The phone definitely sounds super handy, but with so many goodies, I guess it’s just a concept, which production is still too early to talk about. And there is no word about its availability and pricing.

via [cellphonebeat]

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