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Portwell PCS-823 – an in-car personal computer, powered by Atom processor

Portwell PCS-823 powered by Atom processor will run either Windows or Linux
These days, vehicles will need more sophistications, such as equipping with the capabilities of GPS, Internet and wireless connectivities, playback of various media etc. In order to be flexible for this, you’ll need an in-car PC to do so. Portwell has just announced a new product called the PCS-823. This beast is a PC specially designed for the use inside a car, which allows various expansions of by plugging in many modules onto it.

The Portwell PCS-823 measures only 7.5 x 7.1 x 1.96 inches, which fits well into the single DIN slot on many car dashboards. The device is powered by the Intel’s 1.1GHz Z510 Atom processor. It comes with 1GB built-in RAM, and equipped with three SDIO slots for connecting to expansion modules.

The SDIO slots on the front panel and the other two inside can be used to connect to modules that provide the capabilities of WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, GPS or a DVB-T digital TV tuner. The storage of the PCS-823 is a 2.5 inch hard drive. But you’re not restricted to that only, further expansion of this storage is possible via an external SSD connected via its USB port. And also it’s got internal Compact Flash too. In the Portwell PCS-823, you’ll find a single PCI Express slot, which allows any add-on of peripheral cards.

Portwell PCS-823 an in-car PC
The device comes with a DC to DC converter, which lets it run on anything from 6V DC to 24V DC. There is a rear-panel-mounted antenna socket, which allows you to plug in an antenna for boosting the WiFi and GPS signal. Six 2.0 USB ports are distributed on the front and the back panels, and you get six separate audio outputs for blasting 5.1-channel surround sound. The device is said to run Windows or Linux. The price is not known yet.

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    pc-daycare Says:

    Nice litle device

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