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Canadian to launch a suitcase-sized satellite, NEOSSat, to detect asteroids and comets

NEOSSat - a suitcase-sized satellite
What is shown to you in the picture is actually a satellite which the Canadian is gonna launch soon. This mini satellite is to help detect those threatening asteroids or comets, which anytime can shoot through the atmosphere of the Earth that would possibly cause another major disaster, like the one that killed the dinosaurs.

Who say that a functioning satellite must be huge in size? A mini size like a suitcase is also useful as long as it could meet its purpose. The satellite is dubbed as NEOSSat, which packs a 15-centimeter diameter telescope, and is able to detect moving asteroids and look for objects near the sun.

Amazingly, despite its mini size, it’s claimed to be able to stay at the Earth orbit for at least five years. And all the power that it consumes is only as little as what is needed by a 60-watt light bulb. The satellite is the project backed by Defence Research Development Canada and the Canadian Space Agency, which they aim to launch this satellite into the space sometime in 2010, if everything goes as planed.

There are about 95,000 near-Earth and highly threatening “space rocks” floating out there, which are at least 140 meters in diameter. And NASA is gonna dig out at least 90 percent of thee space rocks before 2020. This suitcase-sized NEOSSat satellite will also be part of the team to save the Earth.

via [engadget]

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    shabeeb ahamed Says:

    please send me more about mini satllite. all satllites are made for to do a specific task. is the mini satellite also do any task??? please send me more details of its structure, more purposes, different stage of making etc…

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