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Pill-shaped radio clock : too good to be true!

pill-shaped radio clock
Nothing is so special about this pill-shaped radio clock, excepts it is shaped like a pill. And I assume it’s also in just the tiny size of a pill and it’s supposed to weigh like a pill.

The pill-shaped radio clock is just another conceptual gadget. But to make this little piece to come true, it might need some hack around of some nano-technologies. This tiny radio clock is designed to carry a backlit LCD display and an omni-directional speaker, which also doubles as a huge volume knob for this radio clock.

Of course, you can read the time on its LCD display and listen to tunes blasted out of its speaker from various radio channels. The pill-shaped radio is the design by Pascal Barde from the design company, Sequoia Studio. The conceptual gadget has been given the name “G√©lule”, which means capsule in French. If you have kids around, this pill-shaped gadget would be at high risk that kids will tend to out put it in their mouths and swallow it.

via [geekalerts]

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