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Portable UV monitor lets you know when to stay away from sunburn in this summer!

Personal ultra violet (UV) monitor
For those who care about their skins so much and who’ve got very high chance exposed to the sun, then it’s better to get yourself equipped with a portable UV monitor, which you can bring along anywhere you go. UV ray in the sunlight can bring many harms to human skins, possible effects will be causing pealing skin, blisters, pain and even worse.

Those who have got plan to go to the beach for some kind of sun bathing this summer, will definitely need one of these gadgets. The portable UV monitor measures 8cm in length, which is capable of capturing the UV radiation in sunlight, and perform the analysis for you to show how harmful and what risk you get of you being exposed to it.

The UV monitor gives pretty detailed analysis and determines how much exposure you shall get based on your skin type. If you use some kind of suncream for your skin, you can also input to the device to let it know what the SPF level is. And it’ll analyze everything for you, and work out an optimal exposure time for you to ensure that you don’t get sunburn.

The device is also equipped with a user-defined countdown timer, which beeps to alert you, when it’s time for you to move on to the next spot, as you’ve got enough with the exposure in the sun. The device also shows you the temperature and the time, and it’s splash-proof, which is suitable for use at the seaside.

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    Gadgets Says:

    These are great for those of us who simply burn rather than tan.

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