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Transparent Toilet Bowl spices up your toilet

Bing fish swimming in Transparent aquarium toilet bowl
There are couple of toilet bowls that you might wanna consider here, which they all come with a water tank that is transparent to show you various unique mechanisms lying inside. All these toilet bowls surely bring new look and feel to your toilet. More pictures after the jump.

Transparent toilet bowl got fish

Transparent toilet bowl with little buddha

Transparent toilet bowl ducky swimming

Transparent aquarium toilet bowl with fishes swimming in the aquarium

Transparent toilet bowl comes with transparent aquarium

Toilet bowl with transparent water tank with turtle swimming

Transparent tanked toilet bowl with fishes

Transparent toilet bowl comes with a fish aquarium as the reservoir

via [stevenwongblog]

2 Responses to “Transparent Toilet Bowl spices up your toilet”

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    Jokes Blog Says:


    Thanks for the mentioned and reference to my blog. I am glad to share this unique “transparent toilet bowl” to your readers and I hope you guys enjoy this.

    Steven Wong

  2. 2
    George Bush Toilet Brush by Gadget, shop online blog of Says:

    [...] he sent your loved ones to the war. How you wish that you could use all his gray hair to brush the toilet bowl for [...]

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