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MiWi gaming system, from China, steals its looks from Nintendo Wii

China-made MiWi video game mimics Nintendo Wii
China is well known to copy or steal the designs from many famous products in the market. How many times before, we’ve learned many clones surfacing in the China market, such as the clones for the Apple iPhone. Once a product gets popular in the International market, you’ll definitely see a clone of its in the China market. And now, it’s no exceptional for the Nintendo Wii game console. A China-made game console, the MiWi video gaming system has surfaced.

Obviously, the WiMi gaming system presented to you here has many similarities in its looks borrowed from the Nintendo Wii. It’s the product of China’s Eittek Electronics. The 9800 MiWi video game system comes with a pair of wireless controllers, which is the best effort to mock Wii-motes. On the side of the packaging is where you can find the logotype, and it indeed looks very similar to the Wii’s.

The WiMi also plays those WiiSports-esque games including boxing, ping pong, tennis, golf, baseball, soccer and bowling etc. But the look which the included cartridges present is more like telling you that it’s able to deliver you the kind of retro 16-bit gaming fun only. The WiMi has packed with 16 bonus games in its box, and includes couple of sport game controllers such as PingPong racquets, baseball bat, tennis racquet, golf stick and soccer sensor etc.

MiWi game consoles mimics Nintendo sport games, comes with many controllers

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2 Responses to “MiWi gaming system, from China, steals its looks from Nintendo Wii”

  1. 1
    suminder Says:

    This a Great Console, New Style of games and This is really full of Fun. Don’t Compare this with “Nintendo Wii” cause no Console can Compete with “Nintendo wii” in the Wireless Gaming or Virtual Gaming.

  2. 2
    Arnel@hyip Says:

    The controller looked like Sega Saturn’s. It’s like playing Nintendo’s 1986 Family Computer only wireless. :)

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